Defender of Boston - The Rock Island Mystery

Adventure 1992 Dos Tim Wisseman Mystery

Cool, novel idea; RPG set in the 18th century!

This idea that Defender of Boston puts forth, that of an RPG set in more recent times, definitely ahs not seen enough light of day and usage in modern games. In Defender of Boston what the particularities are, are the following: you are an investigator; yes, your cloak of world saving is no longer perched on your shoulders and also, your world is no longer all about finding some mythical shards of who knows whose heard that needs to be set back into its original form! You know that drill, well, here it lacks. No, you're going to be dealing with the Boston of the late early 20th century, and your main quest line will involve going to this island and find a certain Mr. Fred Black, who disappeared without a trace and was never again found. Now, while a mundane task would have ended up in finding this guy had overslept at some bar, or something, nope, turns out there is an RPG grade mystery to solve there, so a good idea is to see what you can find. At any rate, Defender of Boston is well worth looking into, and I can certainly recommend it, if you like and can stomach Wasteland level of quality for a game, and gameplay style. Whether in the 1920s, or in the wake of an uncertain future, both these games can be very interesting to sink into.

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