The Punisher

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Cartoon

Some serious crime action with adventure

The game is based on a comic license and gives a great mixture of adventure, strategy and action and brings out the very best in this genre. The target you have as a hero is to gather about $ 500000 through completing various exciting missions and to ultimately kill the crime lord. The game is very diverse and takes place in the crime world where they are very interesting locations and scenarios for action and adventure. The 3D graphics give you some very good and thrilling sequences where you will fight on foot, in a minivan and also underwater. You can control each and every move that your character makes and can catch on a variety of gaming options. Every mission that is there in the game has its own variety of obstacles and scenarios which you will counter both with action and with using some very diverse strategic elements and rational decision making. You will collect cool items in the form of power up, weapons, cash and can even drive in the game while you shoot different targets. All the action takes place in real time and this makes the gameplay very thrilling. I have been a big fan of Time Runners but have enjoyed playing this wonderful game.

Blueprint to GTA game

Amazing Game, brings me back nice memories. Pretty fun, get to shoot, drive, and fight crime. You can control anything your character does in the game. This game may be considered as the blueprint to Grand Theft Auto.

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