Gobliins 2

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision Humorous Cartoon

Much more playable than the first title, crazy still!

If the first Gobliins title acquainted us with a different way of thinking of adventure and puzzler games, Gobliins 2 picks it up more in force, and also with a few lessons learned in its toolbox. One lesson that this second title has learned is that you can go for all sort of crazy scenarios as long as you maintain a certain level of disclosure to the player, of what he needs to do. What I mean is, as long as you give the player sufficient hints as to how to approach each puzzle, he'll actually be able to enjoy the game and to sink into it, without becoming frustrated! Yes, the first title asked you to do some logic jumps, and to learn to associate ideas more freely. This second title still packs puzzles that do the same thing, but the thing is, you get a lot more info and hints, graphical, text wise, etc, of how your actual interaction needs to be like. So, playability and enjoyment are much stronger with this one, to channel Yoda, if you'd allow me! Graphically, the style is the same, but the quality is better, more pixels, more colors, more satisfying backgrounds and animations. Worth playing, without a question!

Humorous and fun adventure game

If you want to have real fun with a click and point adventure game, this game really sends some laughs out as it is very interactive and funny adventure game which you can go on playing for ages. The game is the second edition to Gobliiins which though had some inferior features but was also very exciting. Winkle and fingus are the two goblin characters in the game in which finkus is the wiser one and the other one is very stupid and brings the humor element in the game. Both of them are sent out to the son of the king where they will share the adventure of a lifetime. Both the characters will be under your control and you can use the wiser one for solving different puzzles and the other one to amuse yourself. Both will collect different items throughout the course but they have their distinct way of using these items. Neither of these characters will die in the game and they can also be given simultaneous orders to make the gameplay even more exciting. The graphics in the game are very good and have really surprised me pleasantly. So what you will get is pure fun and adventure coupled with some great laughs.

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