Eagle Eye Mysteries

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Stormfront Studios Education

Top notch edutainment title

Followers of edutainment titles like the Carmen Sandiego series, Museum Madness or Discoveries of the Deep will find the Eagle Eye Mysteries is the perfect solution for keeping the kids quiet, while teaching them a little something about science and history at the same time. In many ways, the game is highly imaginative and unique, with some gameplay mechanics that are genuinely innovative, so for budding detectives, this game is a gem. Things play out in a first person perspective, with players taking the role of one of two plucky young crime fighting kids as they investigate a series of baffling mysteries. The game is set in a small town, but the cases on display here are anything but small in scale, with missing skeletons, mysterious sea monster sightings and cunning forgeries being amongst the cases you are required to solve. As you go, you will find suspects to interrogate and clues to uncover, which if interpreted correctly will finally lead you to the correct solution, with a clever reward system that provides you with a satisfying bonus for successful completion of a case. Eagle Eye Mysteries is quite the unexpected delight, with charmingly detailed visuals that have a lot of personality, and which are well animated and vibrant, with plenty of atmospheric environments to explore. The cases themselves are varied and never less than entertaining, and although they are intended for younger audiences, adults may find themselves scratching their heads at times. The interface is slick and accessible and overall this is a hugely enjoyable slice of edutainment. Check out the sequel, Eagle Eye Mysteries in London, which takes the crime-busting duo to merry old England.

A great edutainment game

Along with the Super Solvers education game series, this game is also one of the best and funnest game in the business. This is basically a detective game for kids. You can be paired with either Jennifer or Jake in an adventure of crime solving and witness questioning. The game questions your reading abilities and power of deduction very efficiently. Of course, all along the way you are both learning very interesting science and history facts in a very simple and comprehensible way that are in turn very helpful to your agenda. The cases get harder and more difficult to solve over time, so there is a huge element of challenge. Also, there is a reward system if they are successful. The game is equipped with beautiful and colorful graphics and fantastic sound system. It is very appealing and fun and will definitely attract both grownups and children of all ages. A game for the whole family that overcomes years and generations!

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