NBA Live 95

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Sketchy but playable 2D basketball game

NBA Live 95 could have chosen to be in 3D. By the mid 90s many sports games had made the jump, some of them rather ok, though not too great either. At any rate, what NBA Live 95 offers, is a watered down basketball game, not bad at all, in spite of the 2D isometric perspective, but soon to become boring and a bit too uneventful. The tactics of the play are quite well caught in the game, even the timing of the bouncing ball is actually simulated. But you're not going to be able to try too many innovative things, until the engine begins to show its limitations. Collision detection is calculated rather arbitrarily, or, rather, by following a system or a model that is just not that interesting, too well. The phases of attack and defense are still ok, for the engine and for the physics which are rater simulated as strings of events rather than realistically. Thus, there's really no mass to a collision, and it can be quite daunting how a larger player doesn't have an effect on a smaller one when running into him. Anyway, for a rather arcadey with elements of simulation title, NBA Live 95 is ok and it deserves a try, but don't expect anything too exciting.

NBA Live 1995 game

Gameplay all the way. I still play this to this day. Better than mordern NBA Live and 2K games in regards to gameplay (not graphics obviously). Very easy to control players and perform moves (with a little imagination needed). Great for competing with a friend - lots of clutch buzzer beater moments.

No better basketball game out there

The best basketball game ever made, either for today standards. Outstanding graphics for its times and nice sound effects, the complete players and teams database was a very good detail too. The best part was the gameplay, because it was so easy to do all the moves with only three buttons, something unthinkable nowadays.

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