Nerf Arenablast

Action 1999 Windows Hasbro Interactive Shooter

Super fun action

Nerf Arenablast is a 1999 action game where you engage in battles that are located in various landscapes. You have three modes of gameplay: Pointblast (you have to achieve the most points in 10 minutes), Speedblast (you have to get a certain number of flags, more exactly seven, while defending yourself), Ballblast (you have to throw a set of balls through some hoops, while keeping the opponents at far distance). If you aren't tired of shooting games, this is the game that completes you and offers you a great amount of action. The weapons you are going to use are: blasters, various tactical gadgets like Ballzooka, Wildfire (fires luminescent arrows), side-winder, hypershot (lasers), and so forth. Every weapon has a secondary option, more powerful and intense than the first. The "extra pickups" are responsible for an increased speed, with a heavier fire, and the powersuits are some armors useful to protect the players from the enemies attacks (arrows, lasers and balls). Nerf gamers, and I invite both children and adults, play this game because you will have a lot of fun, and you will feel extremely robust with the weapons and other items available while completing the levels! Enjoy!

Adrenalines out

its a amazing game for all you adrelining junkies out there . it has different arenas and 3 types of shooting games that you can playther are tons of teams and a hell load of characters you can also play against other people that you know. its really fun and all the characters have really cool names . all the areanas belong to one different team and the arenas are complety differnt and not one thing is the same . you can change your gun and you can also attack into the air from the water and vis versa you can also shoot in water while in water . you also fall off a lot of edges. over all this game is just brillient and the best thing about it is that you can never ever finish the game

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