Laser Arena

Action 2000 Windows ValuSoft Shooter

Tron! Laser! Tag!

The esthetic of this game is unashamedly inspired by Tron while the gameplay is a very clean laser tag like shooting form a first person perspective. So, if you want a shooter game that feels like Tron, with its lines and light, maybe with lite psychedelic effects, but quite intense at times, this can be it. What the game lacks, however, is a more drawing in campaign mode. Unfortunately, the game is pretty shallow in terms of the tasks it puts in front of you. So, yeah, play it like a lite shooter, don't expect a very involving/enveloping story. If that's what you want, check out the more fleshed out Tron game, you'll find a link just above. This is more of a tag gallery of but a few levels (sufficient, though) Tron stylized and a small roaster of ray weapons. At the least it's playable and has no issues, no problems to take you out of the experience. It's a game to return to over and over again, especially if you play only for small periods of time. Otherwise it might just bore you, if you expect a lot more from it, if you want more than just the surface shooting element.

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