New Star Soccer 2

Sport 2004 Windows New Star Games Soccer

Build the career of a football player soccer manager

Soccer managers have covered a lot of ground by the time this game was released: The archetypal team management, or club management soccer games had been produced in a variety of ways, but games that focused on one single player's career were less common. It is thus quite interesting to see that an indie type game company came up with this concept back in 2004, and, for what is worth, they managed a decent job at that. Of course, along with the specific controls and gameplay options geared towards “sculpting” the life of one star studded footballer, there's also the team that will need managed. So, this is more of a hybrid game in that sense, but a sufficiently interesting and well produced one. Graphically, while the menus are simple, they are well structured, and you will rarely fail to find an option you want to mess with, with the least of effort. One problem that I have with the game however, is that some sequences are not built int the game organically, to arise from your actions, but are rather scripted, and that will make your options until that time feel a bit underwhelming and not important. And, for a soccer manager that is where I draw the line. But, these portions appear later in the game, so you might as well enjoy it, just to see what star following soccer managers looked like a while ago, when the idea was still fresh. Alternatively, go and try later games in the series, New Star Soccer 4 and 3 that combine managerial with live action in an even more interesting combination.

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