Beach Soccer

Sport 2003 Windows Global Software Summer sports Soccer Action

Own goal!

Something of a novelty game, Beach Soccer does exactly what you'd expect given the title, but if you are a hardcore soccer fan you might be better off with something more traditional, like FIFA or Sensible Soccer. This one is just a bit too limited in its range of options while it also doesn't play as good a game as the two aforementioned titles, which is kind of important when considering such a game. There are a couple of different game modes here, Exhibition, where you can simply play a one-off friendly match, and Compete, where you can play a full tournament, with multiplayer for up to four players available on the same computer. There's a few customization options before you start, including male or female players, game length and so on, while there are over thirty national teams to try out and eight different beaches from around the world. The controls are very simple, making use of two buttons only, for passing and shooting on offense, and ball stealing and tackling when on defense. For a while, Beach Soccer is a fun enough little diversion, particularly if you're playing with your mates. However, prolonged play soon reveals the game's general lack of depth and variety, with little in the way of different shots and not much opportunity for tactics. This severely hampers its long term appeal, so even though there are a number of teams to try out, you're not likely to bother going through them all. The visuals are fine, although the animation is a little choppy and there's a slight sense of sluggishness to the whole thing. Overall, if you've got some chums around for a kickaround this just about does the job, but otherwise, stick with the better known titles.

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