NHLPA Hockey 93

Sport 1993 Dos Electronic Arts Hockey Tournaments

Alright gameplay, a bit too slow maybe

In the NHL Hockey series I mostly played the 95 version, and so my take on this one is that it is a less feature full game, alright and playable, a little too slow for my taste and also less characterfull than the 95 version. In terms of controls though the game feel almost like its older brother, which is always nice and, for me, it makes sense to want to sink into, but, once you discover the more advanced version (though, surely, still fairly retro by today's standards!) you may not really want to go back. Judged by its merits only, though, NHL Hockey 93 is like a late 8 bit game, like I said drawn pretty decently, a bit too slow at times, and otherwise less animated than you'd want it to be. So, while I'm going to say that this is an alright choice, from the era I'd rather go with the 95 version, just because, for me personally, I'm more in tune with it, but also because it's just overall better, from all aspects than this one. And since this one is actually a good game, you can then understand how much better NHL 95 can be! But you can still play NHL Hockey 93 and have a nice experience if you want to.

Good game of hockey fun

It's an overall good take for a sports game that is based on the hockey series which took place in 1993. You will obviously get to play with the teams of that time but in a less competitive environment. The first feature that the game has is it fine graphics which are not that much lacking in terms of the colors and the clarity. This clarity gives you an exciting game play which involves the conventional and simple sprint, run and passes controls. These controls are very much responsive and give you a smooth gameplay. The thing which I did not like is the fact that there is no commentary or music which can get you into the groove of competition. Still the A1 is really competitive to excite you into the matches. The menu of the game has not been well designed but the options in terms of the players; the moves and the selection of the team are good enough. Unlike other games of this genre, you cannot start a fight which is not something that will urge hardcore sports game lover to play this one. This series has many games and NHL 96 is among the good ones that it has.

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