Brett Hull Hockey 95

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Plays an average game of ice hockey

Take to the ice with Brett Hull Hockey and you will find that is a fairly standard sporting game which is not really any better than, nor any worse, than its main rival, EA's NHL Hockey series. It offers the usual level of stats and utilises over 600 real-life players and their skills to create the teams on display here. Players can opt to go for a full or half season, to play just an exhibition match or to test their skills against an all-star line-up, while a coach mode allows for customisation of teams to suits players' needs, including the ability to tweak puck control, aggressiveness and shooting skills. Beyond this, gameplay really is no different from any other hockey game, retaining the vertically scrolling viewpoint of its EA rival and even resembling it visually to the point where the two are virtually indistinguishable. Of course, there is only so much you can do with ice hockey in terms of graphics. A lively commentary adds excitement and on the whole Brett Hull does play a decent enough game of hockey. The action is as fast and fluid as you would hope, but is marred by some dodgy AI which can make games more frustrating than they should be. For hockey fans looking to kill some time this is a perfectly acceptable game, but in a genre with limited competition, this is merely average.

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