NHL Powerplay 98

Sport 1997 Windows Virgin Interactive Hockey

Perfect hockey action

It is a hockey game which is more of an action orientated take rather than a simulation. It's a treat for die-hard hockey lovers because this gem has some very good dynamics for action hockey. You can select your own teams through a very good interface that has been designed optimally. The depth in the game has been added by the modes of play which you can use such as Playoffs, NHL seasons and leagues where around 15 national teams will go stick to stick. All the team logos, their uniform colors and the names of the players are under license and involves some of the scenarios of 1996 and 1997. The graphics in the game are very well in line with the atmosphere and the set up that you see in real hockey and this shows in the field and the backgrounds of the stadiums. The great thing in the game is the action dynamics as you can do a variety of shooting and passes with a very easy combination of keys. The controls are so smooth that you will get instantly involved in the game and the other option here is that you can adjust how your strikers work. The game is by far better than NHL 97.

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