NiBiRu: Age of Secrets

Adventure 2005 Windows Big Fish Games Inc Point and click Thriller Trivia

Dare you explore?

A fantastic adventure that is similar to the likes of Myst and The Black Mirror, Age of Secrets is a cracking experience that is well worth seeking out. It combines a gripping storyline with memorable puzzles and impressive to great effect, making it a game that will linger in the memory for some time. The story here takes place many years after the defeat of the Nazis, and when a strange underground bunker is discovered, a young archeologist is allowed to enter and explore it to unearth its secrets. Once inside, he finds it contains information on an unknown planet which the Nazis intended to use to help them win WWII. However, even though they are now long gone, their plan remains unfinished, and it falls to the archeologist to find out just what is going on. What follows is a fascinating puzzle adventure that takes you from the tunnels of Prague, to Mexico and Paris, as you follow a decades old mystery to its conclusion. The puzzles are a nice mix of logic and other styles, requiring manipulation of various objects and which will test even seasoned veterans. These puzzles are just one reason why this is such a fine adventure, but beyond this, you will find a genuinely compelling storyline which is imaginative and surprising, with excellent characters and fine writing. The visuals contribute much to the game's appeal, being highly atmospheric, with lots of lush environments to discover and which are filled with detail. The sound is equally superb, making this a game to savor and enjoy.

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