The Legacy

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Microprose Point and click Thriller

Espionage action adventure featuring a sexy femme fatale!

I'm not sure how the heroine of this game would have actually fit in the mainly manly (sic!) day to day operations of war during the second world conflagration, but, I guess, the developers just wanted to spike things a bit, by bringing in a sort of dominatrix, classic steam punk dressed lady as their protagonist. But, once you settle in and kind of brush off the novelty of the protagonist, you can begin to enjoy a nice game of real time tactics and puzzles. The game is a collection of 12 different (quite lengthy) locations that are 2D, statics, but you'll at times be reminded of Commandos but the main mechanic here, in The Legacy is that of trying to stay hidden. Of course, there are weapons and there are invasive activities, but the game does take its own stealth portion seriously enough to enable you to play eh game, start to finish mostly by staying hidden. So, ultimately The Legacy is your classic adventure game, but it features puzzles that are stealth oriented, in enough situations to suggest the actions of an undercover operative. And that is very well received, in spite of the unlikely heroine and the regularly scripted action puzzles that just require you to operate as the game was intended, instead of allowing you a bit more freedom.

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