Nightmare on Elmstreet

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Sharedata Horror

Action game based on the eponymousmovie

Nightmare on Elmstreet is a classic horror movie, the kind that could only be spawn in the 80s, packing both a great deal of special effects and makeup and a story as dumb as only B movies could conjure. Oh, but it so managed to capture the attention of those that were diehard fans of horror, of that boo! kind of horror, not too smart but always refreshing! Anyway, in good old fashioned game of the movie adaptation, so this game here was made. Granted, it's not surprise that it embodies elements of horror adventure and crazed action (crazed, well, in what the late 80s could conjure!). You will thus play through levels that will remind of the sets of the movie (again as closely as they could be remade in the game, given that this is a top down action adventure) and you'll get snippets of story slipped in through the usual means of the texts and cutscenes. Overall, it's not a bad DOS game, nor is it some genuine gem. Instead it will probably speak loads more to fans of the movie, who should definitely give it a try. Oh, and if you like early horror adventure, see Frightmare as well, a game that is a sidescroller with an incredibly light set of levels, given its premise.

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