Nightmare Creatures

Action 1997 Windows Activision Oriental Horror 3D action adventure

Top notch horror thrills

If you like your games dark, moody and intense, with heaps of close-up and brutal combat with a vast array of nightmarish beasts, then this is the game for you. Backing up the action are an intriguing and highly atmospheric narrative and game-world so really if you fancy some slick black magic-themed thrills, this makes for a great ride. The engrossing storyline describes how Victorian London has become infested with all manner of undead and diabolical creatures, thanks to the efforts of fallen scientist now more interested in the black arts. Taking the role of either a priest who happens to be an occult expert or the daughter of a murdered scientist, players get to venture into the mean streets of old London town, dealing death to its invaders by whatever means necessary. The game plays out in a traditional actioner fashion, with a 3rd person perspective, much like Tomb Raider and the like, but with a particular focus on close combat and with a nice range of weapons and special abilities available to help you out. As far as action games go, this is pretty decent stuff. The visuals are strong and create a wonderfully unsettling mood which really brings this dark world to life, while the monsters which populate it are genuinely frightening and imaginatively designed, leading to lots of scary moments. The array of moves available add in some variety to the combat and help make it extremely satisfying and perhaps the only major issue is the occasionally awkward controls which can make movement slightly frustrating at times. Apart from this however, Nightmare Creatures remains an intense and thrilling horror experience that is perfect for Resident Evil fans.

The intensity of action and gameplay is great

The game has a very conventional sci-fi theme which is quite interesting and inviting for the gamers. The plot is based on a fictitious historical incident where a cult intended to create an elixir that would enable them to gain extraordinary powers through which they can rule the world. The experiments that they performed for the purpose went completely wrong and caused to create monsters like the blood drinkers that we see in many others zombie series. The monsters have started to mutate people and your mission is to stop them from doing so. The good thing here is that though the gameplay does have some of the features that resemble to resident evil games but also has many distinctive features as well. The gameplay features includes two different attack options in which one is the use of your sword against the monsters and the other option is the utilization of different hidden items that are found at different levels. You can even get to browse between different items so that you can use them without even disturbing the gameplay. The game has 3D graphics which makes it visually stunning and easy to interpret though the design levels and the action is quite detailed and complex. You will get the same intensity of action as has been seen with the famous adventure Tomb Raider.

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