The Typing of the Dead

Action 2000 Windows Empire Interactive Shooter Horror

Uniquely kitschy learn to type game!

Probably Insanity Wolf would find this game fit as a teaching tool for those that want a fun way of improving their typing, but nonetheless, this game will definitely improve your skill level on the keyboard. It does so, though, in a really, again, Insanity Wolf move, by asking you to type in order to shoot or perform other on screen actions. So, yeah, it's a sort of on rails, quick time event machine of a game, but, the interaction is all about typing what is on screen, as fast as possible. Yeah, at times you might miss the larger picture, but, I think, this is quite a great game to teach you to type without looking at your keyboard, which, again, is a feat you wouldn't expect from this kind of a game. Graphically, well, it's a game on the hit or miss slope, not an ugly one, but neither particularly handsome! But you can easily see the words that need to be typed and thus the experience works. Also, the game packs quite a few different modes of play, which is great, as it increases the variety of it offers. Anyway, play House of the Dead 2, as The Typing of the Dead follows its story, though, in this one, you'll actually be doing some actual shooting rather than typing!

Type for your life!

The Typing of the Dead is an arcade horror game released in 2000 by Sega, that follows the story of another popular game, House of the Dead 2. The gameplay is based on typing letters, words, or sentences , in order to kill zombies very fast. This concept was new to me, because I haven't encountered it before, since I was accustomed to defeat enemies by using the mouse, and the shooting system. Well, in Typing of Dead, your weapon is the keyboard, and this is more challening and inventive. So, for those that would like to develop their ability of typing, this is a perfect educational choice, that makes your learning very entertaining. I don't know why this game made me think of efficient ways to determine children to write their homework or study more. What if there were actually zombies scaring children for educational purposes only, of course? Haha! The graphics are looking good, recreating an almost apocalyptic world, the visual effects are realistic, and the whole gameplay is addictive, fun, unique! You can play in arcade mode or in original mode, and you will have the possibility to discover new options. Each typing challenge will test your speed and precision, and if you pass them correctly, new modes will be unlocked. Type for your life in an innovative way!

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