Blitzkrieg: Green Devils

Strategy 2005 Windows 1C Company Alternate History War Military

Fighting on the other side

The Blitzkrieg series of historical strategy games is an extensive one, including titles like Operation North and Rolling Thunder, and for anyone into things like D-Day, they make for an entertaining ride. This one is an add-on pack for either the base game or the aforementioned Rolling Thunder so unless you have either of them, don't bother with this, but if you do, there's some interesting content here to make it worthy of adding to your collection. The essential gameplay obviously remains the same, this being a real time strategy title set in World War II which is played out in isometric fashion across a series of environments with fully destructible environments. There are two campaigns included in this pack, both of which see you in control of German forces. The first places you in command of the 9th SS Panzer Division in missions from Dunkirk to Kiev and the Ardennes, while the second allows you to experience life in the German paratroops, with one particular mission letting you recreate the infamous taking of Fort Eben-Emael. Any fan of the base game is going to lap this one up. The two campaigns included here are both fascinating to play and very challenging. The switch of perspectives to the German side is a clever one, with the new units adding much to the appeal and interest of the game, and which require some careful use. The visuals remain decent enough, with lots of lush environments to explore and destroy, while the essential gameplay remains as fascinating and compelling as ever. A great expansion pack.

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