The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary

Strategy 2006 Windows Ubisoft God game or micromanagement Organized forces Real time Fantasy

Enhanced graphics and many more additions to the basic original!

The Settlers is one of the nicest and easy to get into strategies with a core based around establishing a flourishing community. This was central to the series from the very begging, and it is what made the games so much more interesting to sink into. The second game, back when it was released was a great success, but the developers had to bring in some extras and to tweak the graphics to see this version of the game find a modern audience. So, what we get in this one is updated graphics (especially better textures, in HD) and lots of gameplay additions bigger and smaller. In the game you can choose to raise your settlement as a Roman, Nubian, or as an Asian which implies just a few distinctive options along the way, though in truth, the gameplay is largely the same. You will be directly responsible for assigning orders to your units, from the gathering of resources to the later stages, where the technology evolves. Overall, The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary is the better option to go for today as it just looks better, plays smoother and it won't require DosBox or any other tweak to run on modern OSes. Have a good gander!

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