Puzzle 1992 Dos John Stephens & Subha Ghoshal Tetris variant

Tetris clone, good enough, nothing too original about it though

Notrus is a good, well put Tetris clone, a game that takes vanilla Tetris and doesn't look to overtly change it, instead it is just happy to iterate a version of it that is pretty much alright, well done, with originality delivered only through the few different background on top of which you'll be stacking your bricks. Is that enough to justify it? Well, to be frank, It took me a while to find my favorite Tetris version. It's weird that, given the seemingly simplistic idea of the game, in feel and very little details most of them find a way to differentiate themselves. For instance, my favorite is a version of Tetris for the NES console, not quite the one that got onto the competition 3 games cartridges, but another one, that has bricks that are less...blocky. Thus, if you've yet to have found your definitive Tetris, or you just like messing about still looking for that perfect Tetris game, go ahead try this one too. I promise, it's good enough, though for me, it had not much staying power, though.

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