Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Adept Software Tetris variant

Horizontal Tetris with 3x3 squares

Squarez is a nice take on Tetris, with a rather more pronounced departure from the way the classic game used to be played. A lot is different with this one; on one hand the tetrominoes don't come from above, but from the sides, and, instead of having to build straight lines with them, you have to build self contained 3x3 blocks, which, once built disappear. Also, you play until there is no more room on screen for any new tetrominoes, and, also, the game increases in speed as you go on. The tetrominoes can be controlled fairly easy, as the controls are fairly simple and responsive, however, at higher speeds you might want to consider playing with a controller, otherwise it's going to be quite hard to get the pieces to fall or land exactly where and how you want them to. So, all in all, Squarez is a nice action puzzler, very well produced, a bit too colorful, maybe, but nonetheless playable. If you're looking for a Tetris replacement, this sure can play that role well enough, so I do recommend you try it.

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