Nyet 3: The Revenge of The Mutant Stones

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Proline Software Tetris variant

A smart take on Tetris with... moving parts

If Tetris is to be considered the game of the medieval constructor, where the bricks just lay on one another leading to a classic construction, then Nyet 3 is like the transit towards the industrial era, where the difficulty of the construction has advanced. Yep, like on a modern construction site, a lot more things are happening, tiles move back and fro, things never stay where and how they should stay, and for the most part, the game is just always trying to create more difficulty for you. But the basics are the same, as you've become accustomed with them from Tetris: you have to find a place for the current tetromino, while at the same time, trying to negotiate your way with it around the moving platforms and everything else. Thus, the result that you get is a very interesting and smart Tetris, with more challenges and a spin on it that will just give you more things to do and more difficulties to face. Plus, graphically, to aid my initial comparison (!), the game also has a metallic/industrial look to it, really great if a little well… depressing, but , nonetheless pretty evocative!

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