Tetris Classic

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Holobyte Tetris variant

All hail Spectrum Holobyte!

While only a little prettified version of the 1986 Tetris version, Tetris Classic firmly re-set Spectrum Holobyte as the father of the best Tetris game in the history. The graphics have been greatly improved and the art that is designed beside the actual playing board is absolutely breathtaking, even for 1991. These works of art are actually a way of showing off Russian culture just as towers of their churches dominated the first game. They are a representation of characters from Russian myths and fairy tail and are extremely beautiful. The design of the Tetris blocks has remained the same but the texture is somewhat changed, resutlting in them looking a lot better and sharper. The gameplay is as great as ever and always will be. A novelty is on option to play 1-on-1 with another human player in a split screen environment and this is something I used abundantly with my brother. There is nothing much more to say - the game is timeless. It's capable of destroying your social life completely and can get into your head so much that, after a while, you'll be dreaming Tetris blocks. All hail the timeless king of arcade puzzle games!

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