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Tetris in 3D!

Blockout is arguably one of the most innovative Tetris variant game ever made, with a new level of complexity that will keep even the fiercest of Tetris veterans on edge with this game. Not recommended for those with a bad 3D perception (like yours truly). This game adds to the game something the prior game didn't have - depth. The game is played in a top down 3D surrounding, and you have to stack the pieces in that matter. The game requires a lot of memory because when a new layer of blocks is added to the pile, you have to remember the shape of the layer beneath the one you see. I was absolutely horrific in this game because I just don't have a good 3D imagination and kept losing at the game. The visuals are outstanding, and we are talking about 1989 here. For that time and age, the graphics were way beyond that time. The innovative gameplay, the difficulty of the puzzles and time consuming addictive nature of the game will definitely keep you hooked on the game for hours on end. A fantastic game, truly one of a kind!

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