Mental Blocks

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Artech Tetris variant

Neat collection of mental stimulation

Mental Blocks is actually a collection of three little puzzlers and while none of them is staggeringly wonderful in their own right, as a set this actually offers a pretty decent amount of entertainment. The first game presented here is Free Fall, which plays out like the 3D Tetris game that is Welltris, but played from a slightly different perspective. Instead of looking down on the action, you view it from the side in a sort of isometric fashion. The goal as ever is to manipulate falling blocks to form solid lines but here you're trying to make entire layers to make them disappear. The shift in perspective makes this an interesting variation on a them and the game is much better than the usual clones. The second game, Mental Detector, challenges players to figure out which one of four unfolded cubes matches a solid one which is presented on screen. The game is played out against a timer and provides some head-turning entertainment as you try to picture how the pieces fit together. The final game is Shapes Happen and is a sort of guessing game where you must choose the next shape in a sequence after being shown the previous three. Again, there's a time limit but you can also face off against a friend for even more fun. The visuals are all pretty basic here but that's not a great problem as it's the gameplay that counts. The second and third games are fun in short in bouts, especially when played with a friend, but the first one is probably the best as it actually does something genuinely interesting with the Tetris formula. So, if you're in the mood for a bit of mental stimulation, then have a look at this collection.

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