Simulation 1996 Windows Mindscape Life simulation

Very colorful and aww inducing Tamagotchi like!

The company that created this game was also known for their production of the seminal cute games of the Dogz and Catz games, games that were really cool and really interesting for Tamagotchi aficionados or aww seekers! But, while the creatures in these games were cats and dogs, in this one, the creatures are balls of cuteness, not inspired by real life animals, but creations of pure joy of digital fabric, if you will! Anyway, you will be responsible for the feeding, taking care of, the food and drink as well as the entertainment of your virtual pet, and, thus, you will have quite a hard time not falling in love with them. Besides they are surely cute and sweet and quite diverse, as well as very spherical! Aww! Graphically the game is also very endearing and very in tune with its own ideas, cartoony, but not in a punk way, more in a nice, endearing manner. Anyway, don't forget to feed Grubs to your Oddballs creatures, and you will surely offer you a show of cute and love for it, which is why we all love these games. Maybe a few more animations and emotions would have made the creatures a bit more interesting, but they are as real as you could want them to be, so don't worry! Oddballz is ridiculously cute and similarly fun, if you love digital pet care sims!

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