Virtual Surgeon: Open Heart

Simulation 1997 Windows ISM Science Life simulation

Become a heart surgeon

Virtual Surgeon is yet another great doctor simulation game from real life doctor Myo Thant, who was essential in the making of the game Life and Death, that puts you in the position of a surgeon. Open Heart is definitely the most detailed one in the franchise and also the best one. This game puts you in the shoes of a heart surgeon, a cardiovascular specialist, and your job is to accurately diagnose patients, then treat on them. Before hand, you are handed vast information about the heart, its diseases and treatments, then assigned patients to take care of them. Be careful, every action has its consequences! Do god and you'll advance in your job, do bad and you might get in serious trouble! The game is highly informational and educational and a great way to show people just how much stress doctors have to go through to be actually good at their job. The graphics are also a LOT better than the prior games, and there are even real life actors you can interact with (they do their job rather bad, but what the heck), and the graphical detail is a lot higher than ever before. In any case, a fantastic game that would be even better if it weren't for all the bugs, so make sure to patch the game before playing!

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