Simulation 1996 Windows Maxis Software Life simulation Nature simulation

Great for music lovers

The game is a great interaction of music and colors where your art is tested both in terms of the unique blends that you give with your colors and the tunes that you make through them. Well basically you will have to paint colored boxes which are presented on some virtual grid. You can use a large variety of colors for the purpose and all the colors are customizable to one's liking. Once you have painted the boxes, the next thing which you will do is to unleash different bugs on these boxes. They are no ordinary bugs and they have a ton associated with them which depends on the color on which they are on. As the bugs move on various squares that have been painted they play the tone with the instruments that they have. Now you will make music by controlling these bugs, their instrument and their speed of the bug and this will give rise to a variety of musical tones. So it's how you adjust these factors that will give a unique musical experience. The game is colorful and the graphics are good but it's the gameplay which is its prime feature. Playing the game, you can really create some awesome music and the game is a great mind relaxer. If you want to go for other simulations with a different theme, then you should probably go for Wolf.

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