Off Road Arena

Racing 2005 Windows Katana Games Off road Action

Broom broom

Racing games don't much simpler or more run of the mill than this low budget offering. It's a far cry from classics like Outrun and Power Drift, lacking their charm or personality, so it's really only of interest to hardcore driving fans who enjoy their racers simple and laidback. There are no pretensions to grandeur here and the game lacks anything like a story mode like the Need For Speed games. Instead, you're simply given the choice of nine different off-road cars and then charged with completing a series of arena races across the USA. You're up against six different opponents in each race and in the main mode, Arcade, you just choose a car then head out into the first stadium. Finish first and you'll unlock the next stadium and so on until you're done. The Championship mode lets you play through up to three events, off-road, masters' cup and world cup, with the faster your time, the more points you rack up. You can play against a friend in local mode while the game also featured the option to race against up to six human opponents, although good luck with that now. Off Road Arena is about as straightforward a racer as they come. There are no bells of whistles here so don't go in expecting any flashy presentation or anything like that. Instead, you have a reasonable selection of decent tracks to race around but which aren't overly exciting at the end of the day. The visuals are just as simple while the controls are easy to pick up. The gameplay isn't overly challenging either, making this one for a brief diversion only.

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