Master Rallye

Racing 2001 Windows Microids Rally Off road

Perfectly functional, nice off-road tracks

Master Rallye is a rally game, with the addition that a lot of the challenges take place on off-road tracks, which means that, while you do have to hit the imposed gates, how you proceed in between them it's done at your own leisure. Naturally, given this way of having the game produced, the quality of the 3D graphics is very important, and, rest assured, in this respect Master Rallye does a very good job. The number of cars included is not very large, but they are well rounded, and are all governed by a fairly good (and rather arcadey) physics engine. But, all in all, Master Rallye plays nice, is well rounded and a game you will want to return to. Certainly, a game such as Sega Rally can be a better option if you are looking for a classic track rally racer, but sometimes a bit of diversity can be very well received, and Master Rallye is a game that does things differently, for sure. Give it a try, it will not disappoint. And, also, for good measure, Master Rallye is a game that runs natively on modern OS's XP and later Microsoft offerings.

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