Oh no! No more Lemmings!

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Brainteaser Lemmings variant

Harder Lemmings levels to play

Oh no! No more Lemmings! is another expansion pack game from the Lemmings series. The game features similar gameplay with more levels than the first original Lemmings game released. The game was released for MS DOS and Windows 95 and was made by the programmers at Psygnosis during the height of the popularity of the Lemmings puzzle games craze in 1991. The game basically features more levels that were slightly harder than the first Lemmings. This will make the extra level's a must have for any die-hard Lemmings fan as I personally found many of the levels on the Lemmings game to be very basic. All the actions and gameplay is the same so you will be familiar with all of it. The levels various difficulty levels are called (from easiest to hardest) : Tame, Crazy, Wild, Wicked and Havoc. The most extremely difficult are Wicked and Havoc and I couldn't even successfully pass the first levels on these harder difficult setting. Still a series of levels for older players and people looking for more of a challenge. You can only play the Oh no! More Lemmings levels with the original Lemmings cd or game present. This is one of my all time favorite games to play and always fun to revisit after a few years.

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