Holiday Lemmings 92

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Lemmings variant

Test your reflexes and brain in a fun manner!

Holiday Lemmings 92 is a real-time puzzle solving seasonal game for the Christmas holidays. Even those that don't really enjoy Christmas carols will love this game! It has nice graphics for its age, a nice music on the background and an addictive gameplay! I played a lot of seasonal games and I have to say it's pretty good for a holiday game. First, the producers released a demo, and because it was a big success back then, a new version was released just one year later. This new version consisted of four all new Christmas levels. The next two years came with full Lemming games, with 32 levels each, split in two levels of difficulty. The next games were additional level packs to the original Lemmings game. The gameplay puts you in charge to guide all the cute lemmings dressed as Santa Claus to their exit by offering them the proper skills. The holiday levels from the demo were easy to complete, but this version is kind of difficult, being a real mind teaser. In order to lead the lemmings safely, without falling into abysses, you will use limited commands like "dig", "build a bridge", "climb", and more. Test your reflexes and brain in a fun manner and have a nice Christmas by playing Holiday Lemmings 92!

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