Save the Lemmings

Puzzle 1992 Dos Psygnosis Lemmings variant

For collectors only

The Lemmings series of puzzle/platformers has proved enduringly popular and influential, with multiple sequels and spin-offs released over the year, and with the games providing inspiration for the RTS genre with their 'indirect control' interface. This little known excursion into the charming world of the green-haired little beasts is an eight level demo which was released by Psygonosis for customers who ordered the game directly through the company and which made use of the Covox sound device. While it retains the familiar gameplay and humour of the other games and provides some enjoyable entertainment for fans, its short-lived nature means it is one for collectors only. In most respects, the game is identical to the original, with players required to guide a group of Lemmings through a series of 2D environments, using their unique skills to help them reach the exit safely. Unless the Lemmings are given a specific task, they will simply keep walking until they hit a wall, but by giving them tasks like digging, parachuting, or building, you can guide send them safely on their way. The game is played out in real-time, so there is a lot of pressure on the player to react quickly and the challenge comes from having so many Lemmings to control at any one time. Things do get very hectic and intense and require swift reactions and an eye for detail in order to be successful. The concept is wonderfully simple and elegant but extremely addictive and the series remains a classic. However, as mentioned, you are better off with previous games as this is only a curiosity, with the original remaining perhaps the best, while The Humans also takes a similar approach.

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