Holiday Lemmings

Puzzle 1992 Dos Psygnosis Lemmings variant

The original Lemmings, now with a winterish graphics theme!

There are no substantial gameplay differences between the vanilla Lemmings and this version, except for the winter holiday graphical fiesta. This translates to tilesets which, while having the same outlines of the original, are all dressed in white while the lemmings themselves are dressed appropriately for the cold season! But, for the Christmas and the New Year celebrations, if you are one of those that wants to ornate even the good old games, then it's a version worth trying. Other than that you will know the drill if you've ever played the original: you have to guide the lemmings to their exits in each and every level, while making sure to choose the right pose for certain lemmings to avoid traps, create barriers and to direct and redirect the lemmings population. As in the original each level brings in a new challenge, allowing you learn what each pose does and by the end you will have learned them all, thus being capable of guiding your lemmings through increasingly difficult scenarios. Love this type of puzzly challenge? You might also like Lemmings at War, which has a more rivalrous theme spliced with conflict and weapons! Or, go for the classic Worms, another great game featuring some critters in need of saving ;)

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