Holiday Lemmings 93

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Reflex oriented Lemmings variant Platformer

Lemmings plowing through the snow!

Holiday Lemmings 93 is a version of Lemmings that offers you the same classic gameplay that we've all come to expect, based on Lemming herding, with the addition of a cool layer of wintery themed graphics. The original levels are still the same, however, ice, snow and icicles have come to be, but the lemmings are by no means troubled by it; nope, they still want to get to their destination, and the need for collaboration is as high as it ever was! So, the idea is to build bridges, stop lemmings from going into the pits, build ladders and try to use every lemming as smartly as possible. Try not to lose any of them, because points will be deduced at the end of the game, and think strategically about what the lemmings can do, where to place your bridges, your ladders and so on. It's a lot of fun, a lot of responsibility too (!) but, in the end, when you see your cute lemmings make it to the end, a sigh of relief will put a smile on your face! Download, additionally, Holiday Lemmings the first, which adds snow and winter glamour to the first game in the series.

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