Dr. Thorp's Mini Blackjack

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Hit me!

Casino games like Trump Castle and Casino Inc do a pretty good job of recreating the thrills of gambling but without the risk of losing your trousers in the process, with plenty of betting games to enjoy for some variety. Dr Thorp's Mini Blackjack joins the list of games such as Stanford Wong Video Poker which don't offer quite so much in the way of variety but do bring in some serious statistical analysis and tutoring to make them more attractive for players serious about upping their game. As you would expect from the title, this one focuses on Blackjack and offers up to six players to take on the house in a vain attempt to make it go bust while making themselves rich with digital money. You don't need six human players to make it enjoyable but it is best played in this fashion and the hot seat approach makes it easy to accommodate even the most demanding of players. In addition to the main gameplay which follows the classic rules (reach 21 without going bust), you also have the option of changing the rules slightly or to make use of a rather handy tutor which will teach you the basics of blackjack strategy (yes, there is more to the game than just saying 'hit me') and card counting. That's pretty much it for the game to be honest and if you are looking for a straightforward blackjack simulator, you can't really go wrong with this one. It's as intuitive as you could hope for in terms of controls and interface and the tutor is a handy addition. The only real downside is the lack of other included games but when taken on its own terms, as a pure blackjack simulator, this is hard to fault.

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