Grand Slam Bridge

Puzzle 1987 Dos Cybron Cards

Dated but playable bridge recreation

Bridge is a very popular social game, one that takes both strategic thinking and a lot of planning to play. It thus becomes essential that you practice it as much as possible beforehand, especially if you don't manage to gather with your friends with which you play. As a way to keep yourself immersed in the game and practice, Grand Slam Bridge does a very good job as a digital tutor. However, don't expect anything too overproduced. The graphics are rather crude, as the game was built for functionality but not for anything else. So, if you can abstract from the fact that a lot of this game's graphics are stock like, interface looking, you can actually learn and practice without issues. Of course, you can play against the AI players, and while they're ok, there is no way to actually substitute the social portion of the game, so that might feel lacking, but otherwise, you will find the game more than ok in its mechanics but not so much in its presentation. But, for those that can't conjure their circle of friends often enough to play the game, this digital version is good enough to keep you sharp.

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