Once Upon a Time: Abra Cadabra

Puzzle 1991 Dos Coktel Vision Adventure style

Embark on a magical adventure

Another entry in the Once Upon a Time series, alongside other fairy tale inspired adventures like Baba Yaga, this rates as a fine interactive story that should keep kids enthralled an entertained. Similar to the other games in the series, this is a kind of interactive storybook that mixes in different gameplay styles to generally decent effect. The narrative here revolves around a child who was brought to their adopted family on the wings of a dragon many years ago. When an evil wizard visits the child's home and steals a precious item belonging to his parents, the child decides to embark on an epic adventure to return the item before the wizar can use it for his own devious ends. What this translates into in gameplay terms is a mix of three different approaches over the course of seven chapters. The first style is played out in first person fashion, as you search for objects by pointing and clicking through various environments, while the second is more akin to a side scrolling action game, where you jump, duck and swing your mighty sword. The final section is again in first person and sees you taking on a boss. while none of the individual styles are particularly enthralling taken by themselves, when considered together (and in relation to the target market), they actually work pretty well. They are backed up by some highly attractive and pleasantly detailed environments, with a particularly nice portrait for the evil wizard, while the customisation options allow players to really feel like they're the hero in the story. All in all, this is fairly simple stuff but which makes for an entertaining bedtime story.

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