Moraff's Entrap

Puzzle 1991 Dos Moraffware Platformer Adventure style

Cunning and addictive puzzler

Another game from the mind of Steve Moraff, famed indie creator of such classics as Moraff's Revenge, Moraff's World and Moraff's Escapade, this eschews the RPG stylings of some of his previous games, and instead offers a strategy experience with his typically unique take on the genre. The basic idea is simple, but like any good strategy game, achieving success is anything but. Here, players are required to reach the end of a 3D grid and which is filled with holes, enemies and walls. Helping you out is your ability to create or fill in holes of your own at will, thus allowing you to block enemies or to reach previously inaccessible areas. As you progress onwards, your score racks up and this really is the ultimate aim of the game, to get the highest score. The enemy AI is actually quite sophisticated here, with some simply behaving in a very straightforward manner directly towards you, while others will take a more complicated route in the hope of catching you by surprise and this really adds to the challenge and appeal of the game. The graphics are simple enough, with a psychedelic colour scheme that might put some players off and fairly basic sprites, but really this is a game which doesn't need impressive visuals to pull players in. In the fashion of the best puzzlers and strategy games, from Tetris, to Lemmings to Civilization, Moraff's Entrap executes its basic premise in near perfect fashion and creates an addictive little experience that provides that often elusive one-more-go factor in spades.

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