Gnome Alone

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Visionaires Adventure style

Action and strategy with gnomes!

Gnome Alone is a cool top down action and strategy game, featuring gnomes. It was originally released on the Amiga home PC, yet its port on the DOS environment is pretty well done. The action portion is all about exploring the top down RPG like world, and, the strategy comes in the form of organizing more than one gnome and going for an offensive against the enemies that the game throws your way. There are snails, there are other monsters, and all want your flowers. Thus, you both go about exploring, but you also have to plant flowers. It's a cool multiple gameplay mix, that keeps this game very satisfying and offers you a really good deal, and, also, it includes such ideas as weather, as well as temperature, so it can get quite complicated after a bit. But, it's well done, beautiful top down open areas, with lots of green and nature like elements, and so, it won't disappoint you. Similarly, download Kurtan, an older, yet just as fun and diverse top down action oriented game, with lots to offer to action and adventure players

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