Operation Combat

Strategy 1991 Dos Merit Studios Organized forces War

Simple but fun military sim

Anyone looking for a basic but enjoyable military themed strategy game might find enjoyment in Operation Combat and it acts as a solid introduction to the genre. However, its lack of depth and complexity mean that veterans of games like Blitzkrieg and Dawn of War might want to steer clear, although the sequel, Operation Combat 2, is something of an improvement. The game takes a fairly traditional approach to its battles, which are viewed from an overhead, isometric perspective and with two armies pitched against one another with the simple objective of destroying one another's headquarters. A variety of units are of course available, mostly tanks and other armoured vehicles, each with their own statistics which affect their chances of successfully destroying the enemy. Three scenarios are available to play, each of which changes the units available, while six battlefields are included for your battles to take place on. Gameplay is turn-based, so players have time to consider their strategies but that's about all there is really. Operation Combat is a pretty simple entry in the turn-based strategy genre but remains enjoyable enough if you are prepared for its lack of depth. Graphics and sound are likewise basic, with minimal animation and effects, but which are clear and uncluttered with good use of colour. The game moves at a good pace, which helps to keep things reasonably exciting and on the whole this is quite fun stuff. Veterans of Panzer General and other more realistic military games won't find much to interest them here, but for those after a more straightforward experience, this just about delivers the goods.

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