Operation Combat 2: by Land, Sea and Air

Strategy 1993 Dos Merit Studios Naval

Straightforward but fun turn-based strategy game

This is a little known wargame that features turn-based gameplay and which proves to be quite an entertaining little experience that is worth hunting out. The game itself is fairly straightforward, and see players taking control of their army with the sole intention of wiping out their opponent (either human or computer controlled). A good variety of units are available, including supply vehicles, ordinance and air support while battles take place over one of six different terrain types. Operation Combat features a simple and highly intuitive interface that makes it supremely easy to organise your troops and send them on the offensive, and this accessibility is one of the game's strong points. A neat little feature on display here is the time limit applied to your turn, with only 240 seconds allowed to make all your moves. It's a little thing, but it certainly adds to the pressure and enhances the drama of battle. Beyond this, there isn't a lot about Operation Combat that is spectacular, with graphics that are clean and uncluttered but which are strangely characterful and lend the game some individuality. Sound effects are minimal and restricted to simple gunfire and explosions. Environments are varied both visually and in terms of their effect on gameplay, making players really think about their tactical decisions. Operation Combat is certainly an enjoyable little game, and is perfect for newcomers to the genre, but old hands and serious wargamers might be more interested in Perfect General or Modem Wars.

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