Operation Harrier

Simulation 1990 Dos Creative Materials Flight Military flight

VTOL aircraft sim; nice

Operation Harrier is interesting from quite a few points of view. The technology, visual that it contains is based on a rotoscoping build, in which your plane moves along. This made this 90s game play very fast for that period, and also have a very futuristic feel. The other cool thing is that it offers you the VTOL aircraft which was known to be modern and really cutting edge at the time, and it was known, as a pop culture icon. So, in terms of missions you get a whole load, both air air missions, as well as missions that ask you to do specific tasks, destroy certain areas and much more. It certainly is an interesting game, it has loads to offer and, more than anything, even if graphically gimmicky, it's got that playability factor that just gives you a fun time at all times. Also, what sets it apart is the RADAR systems it uses, which blends well within the missions, an integral part of the gameplay. It's definitely a weird game on a weird technology, but it's worth looking into. Else, download Rotox, also based on the same tech build.

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