Operation Overlord

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Rowan Software Flight World Wars Military flight

Great Simulation war game

It is yet another simulation of the World War 2 involving fighter planes and some very daring missions. You will play as the pilot of the allied forces and need to destroy the basis of the German forces. Here you will get to fly planes like the Typhon 18, spitfire and the Mustang. S3 graphics chipset has been used in this game and it was the very first time when this technology was used. The war dynamics and the action sequences are very realistic and you have a lot of options of weapons and tweaks in the situations. The other great thing is that you can enhance the resolution of the screen by doubling it to your liking. Apart from the great graphics, the gameplay is also very diverse and exciting and you really get engaged in the serious action that goes all the way to the very end. The cockpit of the planes have a lot of option buttons and gives you options of a good bird's eye view of all the action. You can engage any plane in the battle and can lock them easily. You have a great interface here like Dawn Patrol and other classic simulation war games.

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