Simulation 1991 Dos Core Design Flight Military flight

Oldie military flight sim, pretty alright...

ThunderHawk is no gem but, for a 91 game it sure makes for an alright, minimalist, no thrills flight sim. It manages to create very clean looking 3D graphics, basically there are no more than, I'd say 10, 12 polygonal structures on screen at any one time. Instead, through smart use of shades of green and the occasional blue or the patch of water, you are getting a bit more variety. Your map targets are showed to you via reticules drawn in front of you. You can't really see what these enemies are, so you're free to imagine if they're tanks, people, whatever else! Anyway, I think that you'll find the game playable for a few minutes, send a few missiles flying and then give it up. A game such as Birds of Prey ups the graphical ante a bit more, to the point where it actually makes the game exciting and cool to play. Anyway for its era, the technical achievement of ThunderHawk is to be applauded, but it's hardly an enjoyable, or say, a long term enjoyable game, because for a few minutes it does keep you excited, I'll admit to that. So, yeah, mostly for those that specifically crave oldschool flight sims with minimalist, but clean graphics.

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