F-29 Retaliator

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Ocean Flight Military flight

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Retaliator early days but playable flight sim

In 89, it was not that easy to find a game that could really do flight simulation without some major nagging points; the graphics often times were abysmal, the controls clunky and the physics unrealistic and kind of a drag. But this one is sufficiently different that, if you like oldies, and if you don't mind the graphical limitations of the era, you'll find it more than just a clunky old game to fiddle with, but a game you'd actually want to play. And that is because F-29 Retaliator had some smart choices at its core; it sacrifices (perceived) realism in order to offer you undiminished playability, and it stays within a very thin line of balancing these things out; on one hand it wants to be playable and on the other it just squeezes realism where there is place for it, thus maintaining playability high. You just have to play it to see, basically, any other (with very few exceptions) flight game with a realistic build would just feel diminished in comparison to this one. So, give it a try, along with F-15 Strike Eagle 2, with which it shares some similarities, and yet still produces great results.

Spectacular fighter planes game

The game is one of the oldest or the pioneers when it comes to simulation fighter plane games. It really takes you to the good old days of the DOS version games. The game features the speculative models of X-29 and F-22 and was released at the time when the cold war was at its height. Europe, Nevada, Middle East and Pacific are the four scenarios or locations where you will conduct your gaming operations with the fighter planes. The graphics I must say are excellent if we look them in comparison to those times. The missions are very competitive and keep one indulged in the war. The weaponry which have been incorporated is quite thrilling and especially the Aim-9X for backward firing. You have to go through the enemies with both your weaponry and controls which have been made swift. The only thing which I did not like about this game is that the gaming areas are quite limited but the fast game play and hi tech action makes it a worthy pursuit. TFX, the sequel to this game is even better with the graphics, the gameplay and even the play area.

The first 3D Fighter Plane Flight Simulator?

Epic game, one of the first if not the first, 3D Fighter Plane Flight Simulator game. Aside from the DOS experience and the sentimental music. I gues it's not worth playing if you don't know the game. The graphics are not that spectecular. Just happen to have an old laptop without internet, great for those long trips ;). Every once in a while you just wanne go back to the old times.

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