Mens erger je niet

Puzzle 1989 Dos H. A. B. Smals Board games Challenges

EGA puzzler, so simple you'd think it's a driver's testing test!

While I didn't really get the instructions of this one, as they are delivered in French only, the puzzles inside (as this is a bundle of puzzles,) are most of thei time self explanatory. The great thing, that kept me playing for more than I would have expected is the way the puzzles are produced, as they all contain minimalist graphics, and a sort of feel that belongs in psychology books or in test books. But, heck, I found this graphical style pretty interesting and joyful, pretty beautiful and exhilarating. And so, with that in mind, the game here, Mens erger je niet, is a true contender and a true logic bundle, worth having around. I tried scurrying the internet for a language pack and was out of luck, but don't let that discourage you. It's still a playable game, even in spite of that and it is still a very beautifully minimalistic book like game. See it along with a Super Solvers title and, mostly have it around when you need to sharpen your logic skills, for a test or something of that sort. It will offer you a lot, unmistakably!

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