Alf's Party Kit

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It's party time!

The mostly forgotten star of the ancient TV show ALF returns in this bizarre collection of mini-games that, while amusing for about ten minutes, is likely to make younger audiences question the sanity of the 1980s and those that produced TV and games at the time. For those unaware of Alf, he is wise-talking alien who crash landed on Earth and took up residence with a human family, subsequently getting up to all sorts of hilarious shenanigans while learning about Earthlings. Party Kit is a rather loose interpretation of the licence and sees players teaming up with Alf to create and design decorations, invitations and cartoons, everything they need really to have a great Alf-themed party. Throw in a bunch of party-style games, including colour-the-tail and a little maze-based adventure and you have all the makings of a cracking good time. It's all quite similar to the likes of Kid Pix and if you have undemanding little ones who are in search of a little fun to go with their creativity, then this might just keep them quiet for a couple of hours. The games themselves aren't overly burdened with educational qualities so there is none of the stigma that is usually attached to edutainment titles, but they are enjoyable enough in a simple way. The visuals are of course somewhat basic, being rendered in very old-fashioned four colour-style, which may put off modern audiences, but they are quite charming in a retro sort of way. Alf's Party Kit is certainly no classic but if you've got a party coming up and want some retro-fun to get the kids in the mood, then check this out. Have a look to at Alf, ALF's Thinking Skills and Alf's World of Words for more games starring the loveable alien.

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