8088 Othello

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ASCII Othello board game; old but highly playable

As the name suggests, this was one of the first game to be released for the newly produced Intel 8088 processor family, which will in a few years come to be known as the mighty Pentium. At any rate, this is an Othello top down, board game simulation, and a pretty well done one, even in spite of the ASCII graphics and the 4 color scheme that the game could use. The rule set of the game, which is similar to Reversi has each player changing the position of a piece on the board every round. It's in ways similar to Go, and thus, simulating combat. However, it has its very own specific kind of production and type of feeling, and therefore, it offers you a specific gameplay offer. You can pass, you can switch, you can move and unmove pieces, as these additions are offered as well, and you can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally. You'll soon get the gist of the game, even if a tutorial is not present, as the game is not that complicated. Worth downloading, for sure, both for the playability as well as for the trip back in time!

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