Other Worlds

Adventure 2004 Windows Third Person

Alternative point and click

Other Worlds pc game is a simple point and click adventure game which has its own pros and cons but is overall quite exciting and fun to play, and in general, different from other adventure games of the kind. The plot in the game is that you will play a woman that is 27 years old and returns home to find out that her boyfriend has mysteriously gone missing. She is left with a strange message that makes her realize that there are other worlds apart from their world. So her adventure begins where she should traverse those worlds to find out her boyfriend. The game is a point and click adventure and is supported by some simple but effective controls in the form of cursors on the screen which stands for walking, talking, looking, moving etc. the interface in the game is though simple and interactive but the graphics are not that great and this makes the visibility of few cursors a bit hard. The level designs and the gameplay is however quite appealing and you can and also devise and use spells for the purpose. The controls in the game are also very smooth and the game is quite fun to play with keyboard and joystick. Another good recommendation that I can give you is Astonia 3.

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